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Real estate leads are often emailed by agents that think they are doing the best thing because “everyone has email” which is mostly true but some people don’t live by the moment on their email and timing is everything in war, love or selling real estate.

An online real estate lead pops into your email box and you email the lead back immediately and offer your services. Is this a good idea? Absolutely NOT. Emails from people or company’s we don’t already know are more often than not considered spam and spam means auto generated, delete on the spot for most people. On top of that for all you know the email address they used was their personal email that they don’t check that often…timing is gone and the real estate lead has moved on to another agent. Plus Qazzoo has already sent the home buyer or seller an introductory email with the real estate agents profile and information. A second email is a waste of time and is redundant.

spamAn online real estate lead pops onto your phone and you send the real estate lead a text. Is that a good idea? Completely and 100% NOT.

For all you know the real estate lead is a person that doesn’t text as often as we do or they text a great deal and our text is lost in the shuffle of texts that they get. (has anyone ever read the text they get from their cell phone provider?)

This is why we need to get on the phone with the client as quickly as possible. Break some ice and create a relationship with them. If they don’t answer the first phone call we need to leave a message and tell them we will call back at a later time. Call back a day or so later at a different time of the day and try to get them on the phone. We can follow up every call with an email but we cannot rely on electronic devices to take the place of the personality that our parents gave us. Text messages and emails are often perceived as the easiest and least personal way of connecting with people, we don’t want to be perceived as lazy, no matter how much time we put into the email it is not a phone call.


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