Q A Z Z O O . C O M


I may not be Aston Kutcher but I get asked this question at least 200 times a day. As a marketing specialist in the Real Estate industry I answer to so many people that it makes my head spin.

“Dude where’s my Real Estate lead?”

“Common man, get me my Real Estate leads!”

“I need more Real Estate leads….but don’t spend a fortune!”

These are the common pleasantries that are offered to me on any given day. And I don’t believe this is going to change anytime soon so I have to come up with the best possible solution for dealing with the incessant demands placed upon me. I wear a headset and listen to alternative rock as loud as my little inserts will allow.

Here is why, and here is why I get away with it.

Cost per click advertising takes up the majority of my day and it is hard as hell to keep the cost down and the volume up (not on my headset) if anyone can do it better than me, more power to them but running as many campaigns as the market requires is no easy feet and keeping all the requests for Real Estate leads in different areas of the country all at different price points is like juggling switch blade knives.

Google has not gotten any easier in my time as an online marketer. In fact I would venture a guess that it has become a complete pain in the ass. Not just for me but for all the other marketers like me. I could not imagine doing this and trying to sell Real Estate at the same time. It would be impossible. Budgets get blown constantly and I have to pull them back and then I am under budget the next day and I have to give an ad campaign a kick start which leads to blowing the budget again and the cycle continues.

It’s like eating really spicy food, which I love; Take a bite, feel the burn, let the pain set in and then swill some cold beer and slowly let the pain subside. Then go back to the hot wings or stuffed jalapenos or whatever and repeat the process until the heart burn sets in or your out of beer and then come back the next day and do it all over again.

My name is Sam and I love what I do.

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