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Real estate agents are always on the hunt for more leads. With technology at our fingertips, we have the ability to connect with buyers and sellers in just a matter of minutes. Lead generation platforms have changed the way agents get a hold of new leads. Qazzoo, for example, is a consumer-powered search engine that connects the consumers with local merchants. It was created to bring purpose to online searches to save time, money, and energy for all parties involved. We have compiled a list of what is currently trending in the real estate industry in terms of lead generation.

Enhanced tracking levels and ad testing

One of the best ways to enhance digital lead generation is through analyzing performance metrics. Impression share metrics and conversion rates, for instance, are used for tracking in to improve both the quality and quantity of leads. Also, many real estate companies have been using lead generation campaigns to test out ads to see what works best for them. Companies have been altering their headlines and formatting in order to gain more traffic. On top of that, phone integration is trending and eventually become a must-have.

Home buyers conduct their own research

The vast majority of home buyers today have seen their homes online before stepping foot into them. People today enjoy being able to search for homes online and learn about properties by conducting their research ahead of time.

Home buyers love virtual tours

While open houses are still very popular today, people are taking advantage of virtual tours when searching for their next home. Today, digital virtual tours are a great way to gain online engagement from potential buyers. They provide a user with a significantly better experience than just pictures alone.

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