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Well the reason that newspapers did work for so long is the same exact reason that they do not work today. In the pre-digital world newspapers by their very design did not allow the real estate advertiser to list all of the information about a particular property. That was good as it created interest and a built in call to action. This forced the interested party to pick up the phone, call the Agent  and become an actual  real estate lead.

[pullquote style=”right” quote=”dark”]Remember when every newspaper advertisement ended with “Call for more details[/pullquote]

That doesn’t work any longer because the buyer is able to go online and see extensive photos, read about the neighborhood and completely satiate themselves with all the data they could ever ask for before asking for assistance from a real estate agent.

That is the sole reason newspapers worked so well and the same reason they don’t work today. Lack of data and still a call to action…that simply doesn’t work anymore. Newspapers would have been better off if their entire classified section just said “Go to www.Washingtonpost.com” and left the rest of the overpriced print advertising out of the equation. Seriously who reads the paper today? Really old people and people who want to read about themselves. Everyone else goes online or at least the ones that are not sitting in front of the window at the senior citizens home. (I am old I can say that)

Anyway please for the love of all things holy, don’t waste another nickel on print advertising? It will not generate real estate leads effectively and it will cost you a small fortune to find out what you already know…it doesn’t work anymore. Did I say that already?

Readership is down to the writers friends and family. Don’t get me wrong the best writing is still in newspapers but it just doesn’t work for real estate advertisers anymore. If you want to generate real estate leads you will have to go online and that is another problem altogether (sidebar: It feels good to rant…try it!”)

RIP Newspapers no matter how much I loved you and how much you met my advertising needs back in the dark ages. You will not be forgotten but you will not be missed.



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