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brainPeople confuse these two every day. A hobby can become a job but should it?

When we make our favorite hobby into a job we are taking our escape from the trials and strife of work and making into a work proposition. Work requires us to produce (X) amount and sell (Y) number of (X’s) in order to maintain the business while a hobby is supposed to relieve us from thinking about the work that we do every day.

If we are looking for a new job or a way to create more revenue we often turn to what we enjoy most and try to make that activity into our money-making cash machine at the expense of the relaxation and decompression that the hobby once provided.

If you have a hobby and can make money from it? Great but most of us cannot without losing what we enjoyed about the hobby in the first place.

Most of us should look at our hobbies and think about what makes the hobby an enjoyable respite from our daily toils and find the things that overlap and they share with to our hobby while not replacing the mental wellbeing that hobbies provide to us with another aggravation. We need to remember that we need nothing more than our health, both mentally and physically to really be wealthy.


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