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If you don’t believe the headline do a quick search on Qazzoo above and see the thousands of homebuyers that are asking for help every day. Real Estate leads create their own profiles on Qazzoo and are free to be searched by Real Estate professionals that want to discover how to find homebuyers and then connect with them only after reading exactly what the homebuyers wants and then determining if they feel that they can help them. No more blind Real Estate leads showing up in your email box.

While Real Estate leads the economy out of and sometimes into recessions, 2013 looks like it’s going to be a break out year for Real Estate with all signs pointing to a great market for the New Year. There has been a need, a pent up, a ready to explode need that will, through the forces of the desire to own a home, catapult the housing market into a tremendous rebound in 2013.

As an example homes in the Washington DC area that had seen the same depression in sales as the rest of the nation are now seeing multiple contracts for the same house. Offers that are above asking price (remember that) The market alone in DC has seen a 14% increase in the value of properties over the past year. Granted Washington DC is only one market but even states like California have seen a 3 to 5 percent increase in most major markets. California is mentioned because of the increase in taxes that have led millions of Californians to seek residence in states with less taxation. With a population that is not increasing while at the same time the Real Estate market is seeing strong signs of a full recovery speaks volumes about this pent up need.

People can sit on the sidelines for a while but sooner or later they want to get in the game and while the game is improving so is their confidence. In a recent poll taken by Qazzoo homebuyers reported that they were going to buy a house regardless of their concerns of taxes or depreciation because they need a place to live and paying rent is still not a good investment compared to owning a home.

Potential homebuyers become Real Estate leads and then homebuyers at a higher percentage every day and the mood in the Real Estate community is more hopeful than we have seen it for years.


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