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Well June 21st, 2013 has officially kicked off the start of Summer, and with that means all those people who were dragging their feet through the spring are going to be kicking it into gear to list, sell, and buy homes. This is honestly the best time to buy a home, and the sooner the better, with the interest rates due to increase soon why not get your act together and start selling some homes!

charliebrownI have noticed a major increase in internet traffic over the past few months and its showing no signs of slowing down for a while, most likely the end of Summer. This traffic is great because it means people are pursuing interests in selling and buying homes and the more people who are interested means the more of those that will actually sell and/or buy a new home. Which let’s be real for a second…that’s great for everyone involved because homes are being bought and sold and everyone wins, and you as the professional are making money! And this is the really exciting part!!!

But there is also a sad part to every story before the big climatic end and happiness, and the sad part of this story is that not everyone is cashing in on this increased traffic, some people are trying to remain on this “referral” only basis and they are suffering because they are not making the money they truly could be.

And if you are sitting here reading this and thinking man…I work on referral only and I wouldn’t mind making some extra money, or even if you think I’m rude, insensitive and full of it do me a favor before you close this page and go check your news feed on Facebook or go tweet about something on Twitter enter into the search bar above Home Buyers (or Sellers) In #####(insert your zip code, or the zip code where you would like to sell homes) and see for yourself the amount of exposure you could receive by signing up with us today and letting us help you put a little extra green in your pocket for the Summer.


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