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Trust will get us through the times when faith in the process begins to wane. Trust is what bonds people together and allows us to speak truth to troubled times. The bank declines the loan. The house under appraises. The home inspection shows more problems than we thought would come up.

These are all times when both the buyer and seller needs to trust that we have their best interest at heart. Their suspicions are going to go into an upward spiral at the same rate as their personal security is going to spiral downward. If we have built a degree of trust we are far more likely to get over the hurdle of any issue when it arises. When the hurdle is placed before us and we approach it together with the client we are far more likely to overcome it with greater ease and less drama. These hurdles do arise, regardless of price or location of the home. We are all Americans and we have all gone through our own set of trials and challenges that we bring to any situation.

The home buying or selling situation is just another of these drama filled predicaments we put ourselves into throughout the course of our lives.  Moving homes is rated as one of the hardest three things to do in life. Divorce and death are the only things that rank anywhere near the amount of stress caused with moving. Packing up and starting a new life is incredibly scary for some people. This is why we move on average every 4 to 5 years. It were fun we would move as often as possible. It is generally not fun.

We can make it less painful and if we create enough trust we can make even make it an enjoyable experience to move.

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