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Seriously doesn’t it just make us all a little crazy that real estate leads are people and people are sometimes motivated to tell less than the truth when they are online. The anonymity that the internet provides is somehow empowering people who shouldn’t have indoor plumbing to create an online real estate lead. And they become real estate leads because they are connected to the internet. It seems like a cruel joke on the rest of us. Unfortunately we have to filter through the less than desirable to get to the real estate leads that are actually ready, willing and able. It takes more leads now than in the past to generate the same amount of sales that we produced pre-internet. The internet is however the only reliable way to keep from having to sit and wait for our friends and family to decide to move. Here is one recipe to create a real estate website that generates real honest to goodness real estate leads.


The steps that go into creating a real estate lead generation machine:

Step 1.

Create an online platform that provides value and a service that people want. Sometimes this is referred to as the USP or (unique sales proposition)

Step 2.

Promote the platform to consumers via SEO, PPC, Social Media and Press Releases. (Print, Radio and TV are not viable options for most of us)

Step 3.

Communicate a clear message that makes sense and is not overly complicated. (People need to know what you want them to do and they shouldn’t have to solve a puzzle to do it)

Step 4.

Promote the platform to the real estate community in order to have them become aware of the service. (The old-fashioned telephone is still your best friend)

Step 5.

Create a reason to use the service that is not merely a duplication of other services that are probably better funded. (Go where the others aren’t…it is scary at first and often fails, but you will learn more from your failures than your successes)

Step 6.

Cleanse the real estate leads that are generated as people have become more sensitive about putting their information online. (Good data is better than lots of bad data)

Step 7.

Deliver the real estate leads in a way that is beneficial to the consumer and the real estate professionals. (Mobile apps and mobile sites are more important than ever and who knows what is next?)

new customersEach of the above steps have hundreds, sometimes thousands of smaller steps within them. The list represents an abbreviated list only but was written to represent the many steps that go into creating a real estate lead. All along the way if any step is skipped the whole platform falls apart. No matter how good the system the consumer is still in control and can put in false or partial information.  Qazzoo filters every real estate lead multiple times but some clever people still sneak through and that is why we provide a 100% guarantee on the accuracy of the contact information for each real estate lead/profile that we present online. With Qazzoo we promote the use of the “Flag” feature in order to circumvent the issue of the cyber door bell ditcher, but with our filters it is rarely used. It is there to be used when needed but it is also there so that users know that we stand behind our data 100% of the time. Regardless when designing Qazzoo we tried to think of all the pitfalls that real estate agents and loan officers have to deal with on a regular basis with every other lead generation site.

Each step of the way we thought “How is Mr. Funnyman going to try to mess with Qazzoo?” and “How can we best serve the real estate community” these two mantras lead us to Qazzoo in its current (and patented) iteration.


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