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It is rare that during any mob thinking that all the mob benefits from the collective thinking. From the tulips to the California gold rush and the dotcom bubble when the mob travels in one direction the people that benefit most are the ones that make a B line in the other direction.

Zillow came online with geo-targeting and were quickly followed by Trulia. No problem as the law of duality provides for both Coca Cola and Pepsi to survive in the same ecosystem. The problem is when we have 50 online players vying for the same ad dollars and there is not enough market for everyone to either make a profit or provide the sufficient service.

straycatsSo we have companies such as Movato and Redfin with different takes on the same sort of business but they add a twist which is both better for them and better for their real estate professionals. The problem is they are doing battle in a crowded market with one of the biggest fish in the pond recently eating the slightly smaller big fish and now there is only one great big fish in a small pond.

This is where Qazzoo took a different tack completely and strayed from the path that was taken by the multitudes in order to improve the experience of the home buyers and the real estate agents looking for real estate leads. Loan officers were not left out as the need to generate more mortgage leads is also felt by the loan officers that are not provided much opportunity to advertise their own services or generate more mortgage leads outside of their own companies.

Big Cats stray and that is why they are big cats and not copycats. If an agent sees that everyone in their area is focused on the same market they are better off finding their own niche and their own chunk of the business. A new agent that tries to break into a high end market is not as likely as a new agent that opens a new market for themselves and growing from that point. The crowd isn’t always wrong, it is just crowded and the more crowded the harder it is to be successful.

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