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Making a connection with home buyers is what it is all about. Not what you know or who you know but your ability to make a meaningful connection and a lasting relationship with the  people that we want to serve. Many people call this the “Meet and Greet” part of our job. Fine lets call it meet and greet, but is that all there is to it? Isn’t the part of the relationship before you meet an important element that sets up the meet to be a warmer greet. Lets face it Americans are road weary of salesman or sales people. If we think we are getting sold we shy away and try to determine the motivation of the sales person. Our culture is one of commerce but our recent history and cultural touchstones such as television, politics and even our friends and family make us more aware every day about our falling prey to the those that would dupe us into something that is not in our best interest.

meet-and-greet-invitationThe recent election should have taught us something regardless of how you cast your vote. That something is that Barack Obama was overwhelmingly seen as someone who cares and can relate to the common man. Contrast this with Mitt Romney who was seen for better or worse as an elitist and someone who did not relate to the majority of voters. The message has to be that in order to connect with people we must be able to relate to them. And here is the big key; relating cannot be seen as condescending or forced, to truly connect it has to be sincerely felt and that in itself is reward even without the sale. To create connections with other people is the reason that social media has sky rocketed. We all want to connect to other humans and when the time to make a large decision arrives it can become a need, as we place out trust and the welfare of our family in the hands of someone who we may not know that well. So we desire that connection and it is up to the person that has the knowledge to bridge that gap and create an environment of support and comfort.

Find out more about the person by asking questions about them that are not directly reflective of their real estate desires. Where did they grow up? How old are their children? Did they see the game last week? Sports are the universal language that most Americans speak fluently. Make yourself at least familiar with the local sports teams that are followed by most of the people in your geographic area and never “hate” any team. As a matter of fact never “Hate” anything and you will be better off, but never hate a team or a player as it will undoubtedly be their favorite team or sports personality. If someone is into NASCAR or Golf or Baseball it breaks down barriers if you are able to hold a conversation about their interest.

Break down barriers and make connections with people who you have looked at as clients and see them for the people they are and they will reward you with loyalty and friendship that goes beyond the sale of a home.


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