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connectThe best way to connect with a client will always vary based on their preferences. But for those seasoned agents working to appeal to a millennial client, a lot can get lost in the age gap. Below are a handful of ways to come off as hip and happening to your younger clientele.

Be flexible. When it comes to communication, meet your millennial client in their comfort zone. If your client is a texter, then you’re a texter. If they prefer email, so do you. Oh, and we don’t ever check our voicemail, so don’t bother.

Speak our tech talk. We want to know you’re up-to-date and current not only with real estate trends, but with technology as well. This shows us you’re competent, and keeps us from grouping you into that technologically impaired category (say hello to Aunt Milly while you’re in there…).

While it’s impossible to stay on top of all the latest tech trends, millennials have shown an affinity to several platforms that aren’t going away soon. While Facebook is not as relevant as it once was, Instagram and Snapchat are important platforms to make a presence on.

Be accessible, but not excessive. Millennials want to know they can have what they want, when they want it. We enjoy the comfort in knowing our needs can be met on our own time. So while it’s important to let your younger clients know you’re around, it’s just as important not to bombard them with this knowledge. We love the fact that we can watch our TV shows and movies on Netflix any time of day or night. We wouldn’t love if “House of Cards” texted us 3x a day to see how far in the season we are. Ya dig?

Reach us with humor. From memes to silly videos, millennials enjoy a hearty ha-ha. Occasionally dropping light (but relevant!) funnies onto your social media platforms and into your emails or texts will go a long way. Imagine that 28-year-old client texting their cousin, “Check what my REALTOR® sent me. She’s hilarious!” Worried you may not be funny? Follow some humorous real estate blogs (cough, like Housecall, cough) and pass along some of their top posts.

Pack in the perks. Millennials don’t just want their job to come with perks. Starbucks offers music downloads to those in their loyalty club, and you should do the same. But before you bundle up that fruit basket, make sure you’re offering a perk that appeals: experiences, services and discounts to places we’re already frequenting.


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