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Some would think that there is more difference than there actually is. Qazzoo has been on both sides of the equation and feel very strongly that the more similar we treat the two types of leads the better off everyone is.

With all leads it is a matter of how you approach them. If we approach a lead that just walked in our office what we would we say to them?  Chances are we would ask them how they are doing today and how we could help them.  This is because they walked in the office and you are standing face to face. Would anyone in the right mind ask the person that just walked in what their credit score is?

ComparisonNot in a million years would we do this. It would put the person off and make everyone very uncomfortable. Yet is this exactly what many real estate agents do with online leads when they first get them on the phone. The real estate agent is trying to qualify the real estate lead before they have built any report. This is not because the real estate agent doesn’t know how to create report it is just because the phone gives us a certain distance that can make us forget that the people on the other side of the line are just like walk ins. Not all walk ins buy and not all walk ins are 800 credit score, million dollar buyers. They are just face to face so we treat them a little differently. When a buyer is everything you would like them to be chances are we are not the only one that feels this way. Qazzoo has been dealing with online real estate leads for nearly two decades in one way or another and the differences are fewer than the similarities.

What would happen if we took the same approach with online leads? What would happen if a walk in stood there and said nothing?

We would ask the walk in if we can help them. What if the walk in didn’t reply? We would repeat ourselves. That is the same with follow up phone calls. We need to keep asking them as if they were standing there and not responding. We are not calling them every day and we are not yelling at the walk in. We are only trying to service their needs and sometimes we have to ask more than once.

Otherwise there is no difference between a walk in and a online real estate lead. They are just people that need us to be patient and persistent in order to help them make their dreams a reality.


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