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Low rates are created they are not born of some coupling of two financial entities after a great night at a local club. They are created by the federal government trying to balance supply and demand. While demand is low the rates are artificially lowered in the effort to create demand. When demand is high the rates are raised in order to contain inflation. This constant balancing act generates mortgage leads that are consistently trying to time the market. No one can be certain of what rates will do but judging by recent history and the environment that currently exists, the rates that we enjoy today will not continue as appreciation in housing continues on the upward path that we are seeing today. The time for buyers to act is now and we need to communicate this without starting a finance class to present the information.

We have all heard the commercials on TV and radio about the fourth of July sales on all in stock Chevy’s and winter sales on clothing in Old Navy that only come around once a year and we as consumers are unfortunately desensitized to the same sales pitch with nothing different other than the season that it is connected to. So how do we communicate the time is now without sounding like we are selling mattresses? Can this be accomplished with facts, figures and slide charts? People unfortunately don’t buy anything because of logic. People buy things because of emotion and the need to fill a gap in their lives. Logic is just our way of justifying our actions.

big-sale2How about “Rates so low that they won’t last” or “You will never see rates this low again in your life time” these are better than facts and figures but the best way to communicate the opportunity is to show actual difference in the numbers. This is one number and it can be seen and understood quickly. Then back this up with “What will you do with the savings that you will have? Will you take more vacation time? Buy that new car? Send your kids to college?” This attachment of facts and emotion seem to be the best way of getting someone to take action. One without the other is sort of like ordering soup and a sandwich and only getting one or the other.

When mortgage leads are leaning towards action this method of communicating the benefits of acting now makes it more tangible and less ambiguous. Give it a try and tell us if you have a higher closing percentage. As I write this I know that it sounds cheesy but if worded correctly you will receive an additional benefit in the answer you receive.  You will learn what they value and you can speak to that value. This additional benefit is worth the cheese factor that you may initially feel. By the third mortgage lead this question is asked to it will no longer feel awkward…I promise.


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