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fsbo vs realtor“For sale by owner” is increasingly popular for homeowners who think they know better than a real estate professional (or are looking to cut costs) and opt to sell their house without the aid of a professional.

Real estate professionals know this to be unwise for many reasons. But as an experienced professional, it is important to understand this mindset. More importantly, it is beneficial to know how to persuade buyers to use an agent. Here are four ways to combat the FSBO trend.

Marketing. It’s difficult for the average person to market his or her own property. While people think they can place a sign or two out in the yard and call it a day, that’s not really the case. To underscore this point, a real estate professional must highlight the marketing benefits he or she can offer. Since an agent will have access to buyers and more marketing materials, he or she should have no trouble convincing a seller they can better market their property—and get them more money in the process.

Security. It’s necessary to show the house to as many buyers as possible. When bringing people into a home, however, an owner is opening up him or herself to a lot of liabilities. An agent will know how to show off the property safely and securely and should have little trouble convincing the homeowner to avoid the “for sale by owner” approach.

Negotiating. Let’s face it; most people do not know how to negotiate a large transaction. For this reason alone, an agent should have an easy time convincing the potential seller to reconsider his or her decision to go it alone. Remember, the seller could be dealing with a few hundred thousand dollars and one false move could mean leaving thousands of dollars on the table. He or she will regret negotiating without the help of a qualified professional.

Know the real value. When selling a home, one will need to have a clear understanding of the true value of the property. Otherwise, the seller could end up losing money. A diligent real estate agent should have no trouble explaining this point. They should also explain that he or she knows how to unlock value by sprucing up the rooms or waiting until a certain season to list the home.

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