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timehorizonThe one thing we need to do is to follow up on every lead. Not just the ones that sounded like they were going to buy something tomorrow but the ones that may be buying something in the next several months or even a year. The amount of contact is directly reflective on their time horizon for their purchase.

If their time horizon is near the frequency of contact should be more often. If the time horizon is 3 to 6 months out the contacts should be less, if the time horizon is 12 to 18 months the contacts of course should be even less and should ramp up as the time horizon draws near.

The important thing is to stay in the forefront in the mind of the buyers or sellers that you are working with on an individual basis. The one size fits all drip campaign doesn’t make sense for someone with a time horizon of 30 days and constantly contacting someone with a time horizon of 9 to 12 months is equally misguided. Our frequency of contact needs to be based on the individual and their desire not the limitations of our technology.

Imagine being the potential buyer and getting an email from the agent that you are working with about a new listing while you are making an offer on another home or under contract on another home? The email would not only be confusing but potentially damage the pending transaction.

We shouldn’t let technology get between ourselves and a client. We need to allow their personal desires to drive the conversation and the number of contacts and the frequency of those contacts.

Good luck and let’s keep it personal as much as possible.


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