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BLooking to boost your lead generation efforts to increase business revenue? While more leads might help, 73 percent of real estate leads are not sales-ready when first generated. This means only 27 percent of your leads are immediately going to act—which leaves a sizable chunk of money on the table. To get the most out of your lead generation, you need to start leveraging technology to do the work for you.

1. Filter and Segment Leads

If you have leads coming in from all directions, you need a system that can filter and segment the database based on your agents’ needs. These tools allow your agents to compile workable lists of their leads, what area/price points they are searching, their timeline, etc.

Know exactly where to start the conversation with each segmented list, and tailor your message accordingly. This not only saves you time, but also increases your productivity and chance of conversion.

2. Follow-Up with Purpose and Intent

Effective follow-up messages should include purpose and intent based on the lead’s behavior. If someone is viewing a particular property on your website, send them an email asking if they want to see the house. Check your database for leads who said they were 6 months out from buying, but have visited your website recently. Ask if they’re ready now and offer your services.

Instead of blasting out generic messages, build trust by sending tailored messages that solve your lead’s pain points.

3. Call More Leads with a Phone Dialer

On average, an agent can call up to 30 leads per hour. With a real estate phone dialer, that number jumps to 85 leads per hour. That’s 55 more opportunities to sell real estate, increasing your prospecting by 183 percent. More prospecting and qualifying of leads means more business.

To organize all the leads you’ll be calling, make sure you have a real estate CRM that integrates with the phone dialer. That way, you can keep track of your phone calls, emails, and any notes you make all in one place.

4. Use Different Methods of Communication

Today’s technology offers many different avenues to connect with your leads. Emails work well during business hours, while phone calls and text messages will be heard quicker on the weekends. If you start with a phone call and receive no response, try following up with an email.

Try to match their preferred communication style. If they call and leave a voicemail, return the call instead of texting them. If they email you, avoid calling them in response. While the variety of communication methods can be useful, abusing them can sour your client’s experience.

5. Work Smarter

Monitor lead behavior and contact them at the most opportune time. For example, the BoomTown system will show when a lead is back on your website, so you know now would be a perfect time to call. By analyzing lead behavior and having tools to show you who to call first, you can increase your business revenue exponentially.


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