Q A Z Z O O . C O M


Using Social Media for your brand is like going to a dance and asking every girl in attendance to dance with you over the loud-speaker. One lonesome lady may say “OK” but I can guarantee she isn’t the bell of the ball. Social Media has improved and is seeing some great strides coming our way, but having 20,000 people read your rants is not going to get you any additional business….believe me on this!

Hand holding a Social Media 3d SphereThe way to use Social Media properly is generally referred to as the “soft sale” or the “Hey if you wanna kinda sorta buy my house…you can ask?” pitch. Not really honest and not really interesting and one hell of a lot of work. I for one believe in asking for what you want and trying to get it the old-fashioned way…earn it. Don’t mealy mouth the idea of doing business.

You know the guys I always hated? The guys that would take out a girl that I had a crush on by saying “Lets just be friends” and then getting everyone in an uncomfortable situation. I was always left being there, picking up the pieces after they had their hearts broken by these smooth talking, sneaky fellas with slick backed hair and a Trans Am.

Ok some of this may be jealousy on my part as I drove a 67 VW and had zits, but you get the idea. Be a straight shooter and offer something that no one else does. Offer the value of your honest approach to doing business and back it up with great service.


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