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3 Tips on Finding Your Dream Home During the Pandemic

While the COVID-19 pandemic in our country has made house hunting more challenging in 2020, it is possible to find your dream home during this time of social distancing. Real estate agents, sellers, and buyers need to be flexible and

Older Millennials Are Dominant Force in Housing Market

Did you know that the largest percentage of home buyers in 2019 were older Millennials (ages 30 to 39)? According to the 2020 Home Buyers and Sellers Generational Trends report, they made up a quarter of the total number of

How Real Estate Agents Can Effectively Manage Workloads While Working From Home

Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, people are being asked to stay at home and avoid large gatherings. Real estate agents across the country are changing their approach to assist homebuyers and sellers from remote settings. If you are a

3 Benefits Of Homeownership in 2020

Were you planning on purchasing a home this year? With so much uncertainty surrounding the spread of COVID-19, it is difficult to predict the state of the housing market over the next several months. However, many buyers are continuing their

How Buyers and Sellers Can Protect themselves From COVID-19

Every industry has been affected by the presence of coronavirus (COVID-19) in the United States in some capacity. The real estate industry is no exception. Many buyers and sellers are rethinking their real estate plans in the upcoming months. To

5 Important Financial Considerations When Purchasing a Home

There are many costs associated with purchasing a home. In addition to the downpayment and closing costs, a buyer should anticipate facing a variety of other expenses over the long run. If you are a current or future home buyer,

3 Things First-Time Home Sellers Need to Know

Are you selling a home for the first time? If you have never done it before, it can be an exceptionally overwhelming process. There are many steps a homeowner must go through to prep their home for the market. Here

5 Packing Tips to Make Moving Easier

Moving to a different home can be an overwhelming process. Most people do not realize how much stuff they have until they have to move. It typically takes several days to pack up an entire house for a move. If

3 Essential Considerations When Buying Historic Homes

While they appeal to some people, historic homes are not for everyone. Older homes often come with a lot of character; however, there are apparent drawbacks. In many cases, historic homes are not remodeled to fit modern appliances. Also, they

3 Ways to Generate More Real Estate Business

Real estate businesses are always looking to obtain more clients. In a highly competitive industry, real estate agents need to use a variety of tactics to stand out from the crowd. The most successful real estate marketing strategies today use