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How to win a Lending Tree Lead

One of the most widely known Real Estate Lead sources in the country for the mortgage and real estate industry is Lending Tree. People who need a mortgage have trusted Lending Tree to protect them and thousands of borrower’s apply

How To Connect With Buyers

Connect the dots…..a lot of them. Connecting with home buyers is a never ending process in real estate. You can never have enough real estate leads and if you don’t consistently stay on top of the ever changing technologies online,

Real Estate leads to wealth if you let it!

As we have all heard – Real Estate leads to more wealth for more people than any other investment. That was probably written before 2008 but it still holds true today. The secret is not to fight your own success but

Real Estate Leads – You can’t really sell anything to anyone

  REAL ESTATE PROFESSIONALISM: YOU CAN’T REALLY SELL ANYTHING TO ANYONE – NOT REALLY! – – – If you think this is a ridiculous and wild statement, then you are definitely the person who stands to gain the most from

Top 6 Tips to turn a Click into a Client

From Click To Client: 6 Effective Methods To Turn A Click into a Client I can never do business with that guy. He called me back too fast. Have you ever thought that to yourself? I didn’t think so. The

Social Media In Real Estate – Where To Start?

In Ontario, Canada, we have over 30,000 Real Estate Agents.  Many of them have been trying to tap into Social Media marketing to gain the competitive edge over their peers.  They have all tried advertising, which as we all know

Real Estate Leads – Newspapers Dont Work

Well the reason that newspapers did work for so long is the same exact reason that they do not work today. In the pre-digital world newspapers by their very design did not allow the real estate advertiser to list all of the information about

5 Differences from a Website and a Facebook Page

Do I really need both?  – 5 Differences Between a Website and a Facebook Page I was teaching a Facebook for Business workshop and an attendee asked me what the differences were between a website and a Facebook page. I

Real Estate Leads – Bringing the Homebuyer to you

Let’s face it, before just about every major purchase, consumers turn to the internet for advice. If you are Realtor, you just have to understand this. And there are things you can do about it without any technical skills at