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Advertising for real estate leads to sell your home just got a lot easier with Qazzoo. You can join Qazzoo as a non professional and find potential home buyers for your home substantially easier than trying to advertise with all the other homes on the market and hoping that your home gets found. Put your Zip Code in the search bar and find out how many home buyers are in your area looking to buy homes in your price range.

As a last resort a home can be purchased by the current owner by paying the auction house the commissions that would have been generated. But a reserve price would have been an easier and less expensive tactic. An auction company is not going to take the auction to auction if they did not think they could sell the home as they have to put effort and money into promoting the auction. This means that if a seller tries to set a reserve price that is too high the auction company will tell the seller and try to talk the seller down to something more reasonable. Remember they are in this business to make money so they are obligated to their company to convince sellers to reduce their reserve price now and then at the auction to convince the seller if necessary to remove the reserve before the price has been reached.

As long as the seller is aware of this potential loggerhead in advance and prepare the answer before the question is asked they should be able to weather the emotional storm that is a Real Estate auction.

Before hiring a real estate auction company the seller should know the expectations of the company regarding how many Real Estate leads they plan on generating. How many Real Estate leads have been historically required to meet the goals of the seller and how many Real Estate leads are needed in a particular price point?

Before auctioning a home the seller should know as much about the auction company as possible. This can be as in depth as the seller has time for with the minimum being a check with the BBB and some sales figures from recent sales near the sellers home that they wish to sell.

Doing research on sites like “Ripoff Report” or “Pissed off People” doesn’t lend itself to unvarnished opinions. These sites are all about generating as much negative input from people as possible and then blackmailing the company to take the information down. If someone goes looking for negative reviews from faceless mal contents it can be a source of humor but research it is not.


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