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values_bring_1667pxWe are human and we tend to avoid getting put in situations that make us uncomfortable. The idea of rejection has long been a fear of people and that is a driving force behind many a failed career. Rejection is part of the bigger picture. If everyone said “Yes” we would be out of business because someone else would have gotten them to say yes ahead of us. So people saying “No” is great as it keeps them in the flow of potential new business.

We can’t take it personally and we can’t let it keep us from achieving our desired goals. The most important thing is that we need to bring our best game to the game of selling. We need to invest ourselves in every person we call and every person we make contact with.

Many people are either concerned or even scared of investing themselves in a conversation or a sales presentation for fear of being rejected and feeling foolish for trying. But, if they don’t try and they fail they feel better about themselves somehow? Yet the opposite should be true. When we try and succeed we should feel even better about ourselves but that is not generally the case. Without commitment there is rarely achievement.

They try very hard and then succeed and they say to themselves “Yeah, but that was really hard”. Well it is called work for a reason. Work is supposed to bring with it a degree of effort greater than laying on the sofa and blaming others for the effort it takes to succeed.

As soon as that success boulder starts to roll it is going to be hard for anyone to stop. It does require effort and investment of time and energy to get that big rock to begin to roll for us, but once it does…look out! Step back and dare someone stand in front of it. They will be jumping out of your way because there is nothing that can stop a person that has success on a roll…except themselves.

As they say “Don’t hate the player, hate the game”. Bring your best game every day and let the others jump out of your way!

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