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You may be questioning whether you should be blogging as a part of your overall marketing plan. You may have heard that blogging will improve your overall SEO results, as well as drive increased visitor numbers to your website. However, you may be wondering if this will actually benefit you. The basic answer is “yes.”

Here are the four main reasons you should be blogging:

  • Position your brand
  • Develop customer relationships
  • Increase traffic to your website
  • Increase your search engine optimization results and rankings

toblogornotPosition Yourself and Your Brand as an Industry Leader

Well-written articles reflect your position as a leader in the real estate market. When you post articles that are informative, you market your skills and services. You will use your blog to share your credibility and expertise.

You will also be building trust. When you show that you are knowledgeable about the real estate market, it is more likely that your clients will trust you with their real estate transactions.

Develop Better Customer Relationships

Blogging provides an additional source to connect with your clients. When they connect to your website, they will be able to get to know your business. You will be building a customer base by becoming a source of information. By providing relevant information, clients are more likely to contact you when they are ready to buy or sell real estate.

In addition to blogs, you should make sure you answer or respond to any comments or questions. Interacting with your clients or followers will again increase their trust in you. This also presents you as responsive to your clients’ needs and questions.

Driving Traffic to Your Website

A blog provides the opportunity to present compelling content for your clients. This in turn, will drive traffic to your website.

Your blog should also be the foundation of all your social media platforms. You should post links to your blog from your social media, giving your followers the opportunity to visit your website. Blogs also encourage engagement and interaction, as well as improve likability and trust.

Increase Your SEO Results

Blogging will increase the effectiveness of your search engine optimization efforts. By providing fresh content, you can increase your search engine results. You should include relevant keywords in your blog articles. Keywords and topics are important in the way Google and other search engines find your site for these keywords.

As you can see, adding a blog or submitting blogs to relevant sites is a very important part of your overall marketing arsenal.

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