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Is your home pre-qualified for sale?

Does your home stack up against the mortgage approval process? In the world of real estate, we hear so much talk about buyers being pre-qualified or pre-approved when buying a home. Those selling their home might want to get their

Real Estate Leads – Bringing the Homebuyer to you

Let’s face it, before just about every major purchase, consumers turn to the internet for advice. If you are Realtor, you just have to understand this. And there are things you can do about it without any technical skills at

Why Qazzoo works?

Qazzoo.com is a consumer-powered search engine utilizing proprietary search-in-reverse technology to connect consumers with the businesses that want to serve them.   Instead of displaying merchant sites as search results, Qazzoo displays consumer profiles as search results. Qazzoo provides the

Qazzoo at Work

I hope this blog is able to openly communicate the ups and downs that we at Qazzoo have undergone and will undergo as the project moves forward. I hope that by reading this, the reader can learn from the countless

Behind the Scenes: What’s in Store for May?

It’s almost May! Where has the time gone? As most of you know we launched Qazzoo Beta on February 14th, we have been so excited by the amount of feedback we have received. Every Monday morning the team sits down

The New Generation of Online Business Part II

After Goto came out with Cost Per Click search ranking and Heavy Hammer introduced geo-targeted advertising the two technologies were combined to create the new landscape of online advertising that actually worked well for small and medium sized businesses. So