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Why do some real estate leads lead to the closing table and others never will?

This is the question we ask ourselves every day. Even if we don’t verbalize it or think it consciously it stays in the back of our mind like a burning ember that becomes a blazing fire when we find ourselves sitting at home writing out our bills or paying them online. It doesn’t make any sense we treated the buyers well and we showed them everything that they said they were interested in and yet they are not any closer to picking a house and writing a contract then they were they day we met them. This makes no sense. We sold three homes last month and they all went to close without a major hassle. So I know what I am doing. I know that follow-up is key and I do know the area as well as well as anyone in the market.

But these people will not make a decision. What does it take to get them to put some ink on paper?

The only answer that is worthy of this question goes back to the fact that these real estate leads are people not just names and numbers.

“But sales is a numbers game”


Sales is a numbers game with the numbers moving all the time. They don’t stand still and wait for us to do something magical. They have their own lives and the stress of buying a home can sometimes just add to the stress that they are already feeling because of things that many times have nothing to do with the actual purchase of a home. People have spouses, children, jobs, co-workers, bosses and everything that makes up the average persons’ life. This is the loose cannon on the deck of our ship that we have no control of. The only way to stay sane and remain in the game is to acknowledge this fact without giving into it. This is where we put on our therapist hat and have them sit on the sofa in the corner and let them decompress while they are getting through the outside influences that you have no control of. The real trick is to get them to open up to you about issues that they may be dealing with. By listening instead of talking and empathizing without becoming an enabler creates a greater understanding of what makes them tick and make decisions and what they shy away from.

If someone has a demanding or overbearing boss they are not going to react well to being pushed into making a decision regardless of how convincing the presentation. Conversely if someone is fresh off of a divorce and they need help as they are not used to being alone a more aggressive approach may be helpful as they are accustomed to having someone to share in the decision-making process. It isn’t rocket science and if you are reading this you probably already know all of this but we tend to know things that sometimes we just need some reminding of.

We constantly hear that we should treat everyone the same but that isn’t true. We need to treat everyone like the individual that they are and take into account their lives and where they are in their lives at the time that they are asking for our help.

When we do this we close more deals and have happier clients.


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