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Which real estate agent would we like to work with if we were an online real estate lead? Would we want to work with the person that texts us a message and follows that text up with an email? Some may think this but those are people that are already in the business and don’t really need guidance. We need to put ourselves in the shoes of the people that don’t know all there is to know about real estate and serve them as we would want to be served.

lion v catSome of us may think so but the average online real estate lead is a person not an email server or text message. People want to work with people and most people have voices that are able to convey value, urgency, intelligence, diligence and a thousand other adjectives that only a person’s voice can effectively communicate. We may think we would want to work with a hands-off, laid back, non-intrusive sales person but the buying or selling of a home is a personal part of someone’s life and most people don’t react well to someone that is avoiding direct communication.

If we were to be honest and ask ourselves if we would rather go on a first date (no matter our age) with someone that we had exchanged emails with or someone that we had shared a telephone conversation with we know that a conversation is worth a thousand emails.

Go to the local Mercedes Benz dealer and see how long it takes someone to ask “Are you being helped?”

This is referred to as courteous not pushy. If the sales person was to walk around us twice and started talking to their co-worker we would think that they are negligent or rude and poor sales people. So why is there a thought traveling around the real estate industry that being passive is the best approach?  Because we listen to what a few people say and take it for gospel. If we want to do business we need to get down to business and that is done by communicating in the most effective way possible. The phone is our best friend and we need to remember that people like to talk and they like to have a chat and that we are the perfect person for that because we are in sales and we are great communicators.  We want to listen and provide the best service possible and we want to be the real estate agent that we would want to work with….if we knew nothing about real estate.


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