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Becoming a top dog, top producing real estate agent in any given area is not as hard as it is to be a lower producing real estate agent in the same area. Like running a low volume restaurant there are hurdles that high volume restaurants don’t have to overcome.

Watching the advertising budget like a hawk, constantly worrying about the price of gas while driving home buyers from house to house are not things that top producers have to worry about. Being a top producer is easier than being a low producer as low producers are in a constant state of worry and that affects their ability to do everything from negotiating to communicating to their clients.

dogsThe secret is how to become a top producer and then staying there. But the secret is not that secret. It is all around us in the actions of others that have already become top producers. They have already blazed the trail for us and that is a big part of the whole puzzle. If we know a top producer than we already have a map and that map is a live breathing person that can be observed and answer questions. It is not as important to pick the highest producer as it is to have a high producer that does their job well and that lives in the way we would want to live and conducting business in the way we would want to conduct business.

We have all seen top producers that do things that we may be uncomfortable with and that is not a good map to follow. That map is not going to be a good fit as they are not easy to duplicate. We can learn a lot from them but we don’t want to follow someone that relies on their long term friends at the country club that we are not members of as this does us no good. It does tell us that we are able to mimic their methods but not duplicate them. This is valuable but not as valuable as someone that does things the old fashioned way. The ones that have a system and that work their system are the best and if we can take a look inside the machine and have them tell us how their machine works we are miles ahead of the game.

People who are successful are not afraid of sharing and in most case they want to share with us their secrets as it is flattering and we can become a feather in their cap. Watch and listen and then ask questions that are thought out and listen to the answer. It can be beneficial the rest of our lives. Being a top dog is not just easier, it is more profitable and makes us feel better every day when we go to work.


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