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pulling-hair-out-man-large1If you have ever been on the phone with a buyer that would not commit to making an offer because of some ridiculous reason, you may have lost some hair?

If you have ever shown homes to people who said that they wanted to see one more house after seeing everything that the market has to offer and had to resort to showing them a home that doesn’t come close to meeting their criteria, you may have lost some hair?

If you have ever done something that you knew was going to make your life harder because the buyer was concerned about the neighbor next door owning a dog.

There are some ways to stop the hair loss but that is completely up to you and how you train the buyers from the beginning. If you jump high when they whistle the first time you will be jumping for the length of the relationship. Healthy ground rules are good for both the agent and the client. A relationship depends on boundaries and reinforcing those boundaries by not allowing the client to mismanage our time. If we drop everything for everyone we will not be able to properly service anyone.

Lets keep our hair and remember that our time is valuable and we have to communicate that from the beginning of the relationship.


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