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A_NwE74CMAAqnPjThe first thing is that there is no such thing as a bad lead. Bad leads don’t exist. If there is a phone number or even an email address there is a possibility of selling them a home. We just need to make our offer as compelling as possible.  The best thing to do is to contact them with a message that communicates something that they want.

You know they want a house and you generally know where they are looking. They are looking in the area that you work or you would not have the lead to begin with. The message that you leave via phone or email should be focused on their needs and not the real estate agent or lenders business.

Try leaving a message something like “Hey I am calling as I think I have the perfect house for you…price is just been reduced and I think you will love it….call me asap at (your number).

This message works regardless of the amount of information that you have on them. The idea is to get them to reach out to you. The mistake most of us make is that we forget that they don’t care about us, they care about their needs and getting their needs met. By speaking to their needs we are more able to have our own needs met, even when the lead could have been considered “bad” in the beginning.

A bad lead is one that has no contact information or no accurate contact information. On Qazzoo if the contact information is wrong for any reason we offer a 100% return policy via our flag lead button. Use it when needed, even with multiple filters every once in a while a bad lead will get through and then we hope that the flag lead button is used so that our users are never reaching to a lead that could be considered bad because there is no accurate contact information.


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