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Writing blogs is a great way to generate organic real estate traffic to your website. Content is king when writing for a blog.  When writing a blog for homebuyer traffic it is important to think outside the box and make your content fun. In this blog we will cover 5 blog topics that will be relevant to real estate but also increase your readership.

Blogging for real estate clients

Local events.

What is your town known for?  Is there a parade, a craft show or even a county fair coming up soon? Any large gathering of people with inevitably draw attention and get people to search for it on google. Use this publicity to your advantage. You can review the event from last year or give your tips and tricks on parking. The whole idea is just being helpful to help generate more organic traffic.



Affordable properties

People are always looking for a good deal when shopping online. Saving money on a small purchase feels good. Saving money on the biggest purchase in your life feels great. If you showcase the “bargain properties” in your area you going to be ahead of the curve. The one thing that a local agent can do that a large company like Zillow or realtor.com can’t do is hyperlocal marketing. Focusing on a few specific houses a certain neighborhood or a school district will put you ahead of the curve.


Local housing trends

When doing a job for a long period of time don’t realize the valuable information that you see daily that can help a homebuyer. The most common example of this information is market trends. We see houses going up and down based on the time of year and interest rates, but the average home buyer looks at a percentage of homes that you see come on and off the market. Most homebuyers look at the listing price and not the sold price. By educating the homebuyer on local home comparisons and making them aware of where the market is going you will gain credibility as well as show them you want to save them money.


Property taxes

This is probably the least fun topic out of the five, but it yields some good results. Most new homebuyers completely overlook property taxes during the initial home buying search process. When written in a soft approach you can appear as the expert of the area since most cities have different property taxes. This topic can be spun many ways when paired with a property value and a projected housing trend. We have found that most real estate bloggers who talk about financial trends tend to get more serious inquires. The whole idea is like addressing the elephant in the room. If you can do it in a graceful way, people will be interested in learning more.




Day trips and getaways

This category can contain several different topics but the main thing to keep in mind is that it appeals to an active crowd. These topics can contain anything from concerts, bars, best cup of coffee, museums or even fun first dates. They whole idea behind this is to write creative content that people read. This will help your other real estate themed blogs based upon the traffic you get to your site but also help get your name out there. Focus on the few hidden gems in your town and let your readers take pride in where they are from. This nice part is, this content can go viral very easily amongst your friend circle if posted on social media like Facebook or Instagram.


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