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One of the alternative methods of generating Real Estate Leads is Craigslist. Craigslist is the single largest online classifieds publisher with over (X) number of hits each day. The benefits and differences between Craigslist and other classifieds is that Craigslist allows the advertiser to create back links. Without back links you are wasting your time in my opinion. The idea is that Craigslist believes that its online product is so good that people are allowed to leave the Craigslist site. By comparison Kajiji (part of eBay) does not allow for back links to the advertisers website. This inability to create back links means that while advertising on Kajiji the Real Estate Professional is at the mercy of the conversion rate of Kajiji itself and cannot control, influence or improve the conversion rate beyond the creation of compelling text and photos.

In short Kajiji is a waste of time for anyone trying to generate real estate leads. If Craigslist did not exist Kajiji would be better than nothing for real estate lead generation, but not much better than “nothing”.

USHUD.com invented geo-targeted advertising in the 1990’s and has been in business ever since. The difference between USHUD.com and sites like Zillow and Trulia is that the latter two sites both reduce the experience of advertising and generating leads to their own platforms. These platforms do not allow for the generation of exclusive real estate leads, for example when a potential homebuyer lands on a results page on Zillow the advertisers are presented in groups, so exclusivity is impossible. On Trulia when a home buyer selects to contact a Real Estate Professional their question or comment is sent to four or more real estate agents, again exclusivity is impossible.

Like Craigslist, USHUD.com takes a different approach by focusing on the experience of both the Real Estate Agent and the Real Estate Consumer. With the emphasis on the advertiser and the buyer instead of the bottom line, the consumer is not inundated with random Real Estate Agents calling on them. Like Craigslist, USHUD.com allows backlinks directly from the banner of the advertiser. Tim Fry, COO of USHUD.com likes to point out the additional benefits of the company which include building highly effective websites for their advertising partners free of charge and showing them how to generate Real Estate Leads at no cost.


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