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teamwork_horizontal_What if you could know everything the elite agents already know and practice without having to go through the same school of hard knocks? Well, you can. Each agent starts in real estate with grand visions of big paychecks and luxury living, but the reality is, most don’t stay in the business even a single year. This business is harder than it looks, but it doesn’t have to be.

In a recent survey of top agents, utilizing several different media sources and coaching clients, I simply asked: “What do you know now that would have made getting to the top easier for you if you had known it when you started?” The answers came in big numbers with a lot of enthusiasm.

Here’s a summary of a few things the top agents wish they knew:

  • Build a business plan and follow it. You can start this anytime. The key is to break down your business, decide what your goals are and then do the tasks that will allow you to achieve each goal. The key here is execution of the action plan.
  • Create systems for everything. If you do any task repetitively in your business (three times or more), build a plan around it so that it’s easy to do and systemized.
  • Hire an assistant on day one. You must focus on money-making activities, not administrative tasks for the majority of your day. That means outsourcing non-income-producing activities.
  • Create success habits daily. Prospect, show or list houses and negotiate contracts. Block time for each of these activities daily, especially the prospecting. If you learn to hunt, you will never go hungry. The better your habits, the better your income. Plain and simple, “Do the right things right now and enjoy the rewards forever.”
  • Build and nurture your database. This is your No. 1 asset in real estate. Get a real estate-specific CRM and create a high-touch plan for everyone in your database. Follow up, keep in touch and provide great value for life.
  • Build on your previous year’s success and always set goals to grow. Whatever you did last year, set a goal to double it!
  • Treat your business like a real business. This is a job, not a hobby. Go to work every day and actually work. The harder you work, the luckier you get.
  • Save and invest. Save money from every paycheck, practice delayed gratification and invest in your future.
  • Practice scripts. It matters that you say the right thing at the right time.
  • Plan your schedule and work your clients into your schedule. Don’t drop everything every time a client calls. Prioritize daily activities and include time with clients so that your schedule works for you.
  • Hire a coach early in your career. This is huge. If you have a guide through the process, you can get to your goals much faster.
  • Be a student of success. Read and attend classes/webinars so you become a real student of success. Practice success principles and never stop learning.

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