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Raise your hand at a dog in the pound and see what it does. I bet it shrinks from the possibility of being hit and whines. Why does it do this? You haven’t hit it….hell you have no intention of hitting it, you just read some blog and were told to raise your hand.

Anyway the reason the dog recoiled is the same reason we don’t mind advertising. It is the thing we have been taught to do in order to generate business. Advertising companies have been selling us this stuff since people were reading scrolls out loud in the city center. But this new medium which is “interactive” gives equal power to both the advertiser and the advertisee so why not provide a platform to do just that?

I believe it has to do with…Why the hell should we do anything other than collect money and count it and make some more and add it.

Advertising agencies make money doing just that.

Advertising networks make tons of money doing just that.

So when we think why no one had ever done anything besides advertising…they had no reason to.

All of the major players today started out fighting the very idea of advertising. They had a disdain for it and why wouldn’t they. They wanted to protect the intergrity of their product and advertising kind of dilutes that in the best cases.

Example? Try a search for news topics on Bing and see if you don’t get a hell of a lot of NBC results. NBC is of course in bed with Microsoft and therefore they have a vested interest in providing NBC results. This is just one example of the bias of a search engine. It goes much deeper and quite honestly I don’t know if I blame them as they feel that their news is superior as they have been told this by everyone they know at work.

So advertising is going to go through an entire restructuring and Qazzoo is looking forward to see how it all pans out in the next five or so years. Will Facebook or Google or some new company launch the next concept that allows people more freedom than to be served an ad every time they turn on a light in order to get free electricity? Or will our acceptance of the status quo continue to lead us down the low ROI road we have been on for so long?

Personally, I think Qazzoo has done it. we have created a way to blend social media and search engine technology that allows for consumers to get what they want and real estate pros to get what they want without wasteful advertising dollars being spent on things that don’t work until the money is already spent.

Do a search above and tell me what you think?


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