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A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words: 6 Tips to Include Photos on Your Facebook Business Page

You’ve heard that “a picture is worth a thousand words.” It means that an intricate idea can be reflected in a simple photo. People are visual and can remember and identify with pictures more than they can with just words.

The following ideas may help you gain more attention, likes, leads and, therefore, customers:

1.  Cover Photo: Timeline allows you to have a huge photo on the top of your page. Take advantage of it and design a combination of photos, text and a colorful background so your page is captivating. Be sure that you follow the Facebook rules when designing your cover photo. A few rules just off the top of my head are, don’t include any calls to action, including “like this page.” Another one is, don’t include contact information that can be included under “About.”

 2.  Graphic Images: You can use Microsoft PowerPoint to design graphic images to post with text on your page. Include up to six words but two words are more eye-catching. Choose a graphic that matches your subject and provide a colorful background.

[message type=”info”]When you use a photo, graphic or video on your Facebook business page, you attract a lot more prospects. [/message]

3.  Photos in Status Updates: Take a digital camera with you everywhere. When you attend meetings or business networking events, take group photos and close-up photos of individuals. People like to see pictures of themselves and other people interacting with each other. Take photos of your customers and include them with their testimonials. Post photos and testimonials on your website and your Facebook page. You get more exposure when you “tag” people in photos. The photo will post on their profile when you “tag” them. Photos of your products are great additions to your page too. Don’t forget to include photos of people using your products. Always try to include a photo or graphic when you post events. Post a photo with your text as often as you can. I like to post on my page up to four times a day, including weekends. Sundays have been proven to be very good days to post.

4.   Pinterest: “Pin” product photos to a “board” in Pinterest then upload them to your Facebook page.

5.   Profile Photo: This is the perfect place to upload your logo. Remember that this is the photo or logo that will be seen in all your posts. So make it colorful and interesting.

6.   Video: Photos and graphic images are great but videos are best to attract attention. There are many web cams but I use a Microsoft LifeCam HD-5000. If you want to record what shows up on your computer monitor, you can find many software programs online. You can also use Debut to record videos of yourself. Be sure your background is not cluttered or it will get more attention than you or your topic. Debut is free to use for a while then you will pay a small amount to use it for life. As of the writing of this article (September 4, 2012) the cost was $30. One to three minute how-to videos or infomercials prove that you are the expert in your field. Upload your videos on YouTube for even more exposure.


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