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Did you know that YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world today? People enjoy watching videos on YouTube for both entertainment and educational purposes. With this, estate professionals should be looking to harness the power of YouTube in their marketing efforts, as videos are some of the best tools for reaching potential buyers. Continue reading to discover the many ways in which real estate businesses can increase viewer engagement on YouTube.

Upload property tours

People love open houses. However, they cannot always find the time to see them in person. YouTube is the perfect platform for posting video tours of a property listing. Property tours tend to get a considerable amount of views because curious homebuyers love to see the interior of homes for sale.

Upload housing market updates

Many homebuyers appreciate the ability to see news on the local market. They want to know things like if home values are expected to increase in the future, as well as job opportunities in the area.

Upload neighborhood news

You can use youtube as a platform to highlight some of the best characteristics of a surrounding community. Your aim should be to encourage buyers to consider some of the best attributes in the area, such as good school districts, low crime rate, and upcoming events in the area.

Upload interviews

Another effective way to shed some light on your local market is through video interviews on your YouTube channel. Allow people to share their experiences about living or working in the area with personal interviews. Homebuyers want to hear that a community is nice from residents in addition to the agent who is selling them the home.

Upload home improvement tips

YouTube is one of the best places to find free advice in a matter of minutes. If you want to send more traffic to your businesses YouTube page, consider uploading some home improvement content that would appeal to homeowners. Informative content, such as videos about home interior trends, will appeal to new homeowners browsing your channel.


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