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Are you looking to buy or sell real estate this year? Because there are fluctuations in market conditions throughout a given year, buyers and sellers should always be keeping an eye out for real estate trends to ensure they fully understand the market. With this, here are a few helpful tips for tracking real estate trends.

Network with local real estate agents

Whether you are buying or selling, you want to speak with experienced individuals who know the local market. They will be able to tell you what buyers are looking for, what prices homes are selling for, and potential obstacles you may face along the way. Their local market experience should help steer you in the right direction with your real estate plans. Personalized advice about localized areas will always be superior to blanket statements about statewide market conditions. 

Track average days on market

One of the most telling figures when it comes to assessing a neighborhood is days on market (DOM). This figure indicates how favorable an area is for buyers or sellers. If the DOM is low, that is usually good news for sellers whereas if it is low, it could mean more opportunity for buyers. Because these averages fluctuate over time, it is necessary to look at them over the long term. 

Tune into podcasts

Today, podcasts are growing in popularity. If you want another method of learning about real estate market trends and conditions, podcasts are an excellent way to gain strategic insight from industry experts. It is beneficial to listen to shows that give both a local and national perspective on the real estate industry.

Consult real estate professionals online

Do not be afraid to reach out to local real estate professionals so you fully grasp an understanding of the current state of the market. A great way to consult local professionals is through social media platforms, like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. It is an easy way to consult many professionals and get a variety of takes on the current market conditions.

Seek hyper-local information 

You cannot rely solely on general overviews on the U.S real estate market when assessing trends in the local area. There will always be a lot of people speaking out about the real estate industry. Buyers who are looking to gain an understanding of a local market need to seek hyper-local information when making assessments on current market conditions.