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Every digital marketing strategy in 2019 should include social media. It is one of the best ways for businesses to connect with potential buyers. Real estate agents should look to harness the power of social media as an integral part of their marketing strategies. In a highly competitive industry, social media can help an agent differentiate themselves from the competition. Keep reading and discover a few social media tips for real estate agents.

Use multiple platforms

Why rely on only one social media site when you have several at your disposal? A few of the social media giants include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. All of these sites are free so why not take advantage of them? There are tools today like Hootsuite, which allow you to aggregate posts across social media accounts.

Post regularly

If you want to create a following online, you continuously put out new content. This is where many agents go wrong. To generate the best results, you need to be active on your social media accounts by posting regularly.

Include pictures and videos

Pictures and videos are both engaging types of social media content. For instance, If you want a post to be liked or reshared, attach a photo with it. Both pictures and videos resonate with people better than just a status update alone.

Share your listings

One of the best ways to generate some buzz about your recent home listing is to post about them on social media. This will make your online listings a lot more discoverable.


Stay engaged with your social media sites. In other words, actively respond to comments and questions that you receive. This will show to followers that you care about your clients and want to help them.  


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