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Moving to a different home can be an overwhelming process. Most people do not realize how much stuff they have until they have to move. It typically takes several days to pack up an entire house for a move. If you are moving soon, consider the following packing tips to make moving easier. 

Keep room items in the same boxes

If you want to make the move easy on yourself, try to reframe from placing items from different rooms together when packing boxes. This will make it significantly easier on yourself when you go to unpack. 

Use tape on all boxes

If you want to ensure that items do not fall out of your boxes during the move, tape is your best friend. Tape is relatively inexpensive and will help reinforce cardboard boxes from tears. 

Eliminate empty spaces

If you can help it, try to eliminate empty spaces in your boxes. If your boxes are loosely packed, items are more prone to damage. With this, fill in gaps with packing paper, towels, bubble wrap, etc. 

Use different size boxes

You can bever have too many boxes when it comes to moving. It is also important to note that when gathering boxes for the move you want to get a variety of sizes. In general, you want the reserve your bigger boxes to the lighter items. This is because it can be difficult to move large heavy boxes. 

Place heavy items on the bottoms of boxes

While this may sound like common sense, it is one of the most fundamental packing rules. Many people neglect to follow this rule and their items are damaged as a result.