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Are you a real estate professional? If so, how would you rate your online content strategy? Since the real estate industry is extremely competitive, it is critical to make ongoing efforts to make yourself discoverable online to help generate leads. One of the best ways of doing so is to keep putting out great content. Interested homebuyers typically go to Google or other search engines when they have questions about the home buying process or when they are searching for property listings. Continue reading and discover a few content ideas that real estate professionals can use online.

Client testimonials

Do you have testimonials on your website? Customers want reassurance before they invest in another person’s services. While written testimonials are useful, video testimonials are far more authentic and tend to resonate with people better. People appreciate hearing from others their experience of working with agents.

School news and information

Many parents want to stay informed about the local school districts and any changes that could affect their children.

Featured property listings

How do you advertise your new home listings? Every week you could have a section on your website or social media posts about featured property listings to help generate some buzz about a particular home.

Featured Neighborhoods

Why not shed some light on some unknown neighborhoods? Homebuyers are interested to learn about up and coming areas. To advertise your property listings, you can craft content that highlights some of the major benefits of a particular area.

General real estate advice

People love receiving free advice online. In addition to creating videos, you should also think about creating a blog page on your website. You can cover a variety of topics such as:

-Tips for buying your first home

-Mistakes to avoid when selling your home

-Why you should purchase a foreclosure

-The benefits of homeownership in 2019


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