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How does a real estate agent stand out from the crowd? Digital marketing is one of the best ways for an agent to promote their brand in 2019. An agent looking to expand their business and attract more clients should aim to post compelling and informative content regularly. With this, high-quality content can take the form of both videos and blog posts that will effectively capture the attention of your target audience. An active online presence will make it easier for people to find you and learn about your services. Continue reading and discover a few examples of compelling content ideas for real estate agents. 

Local news

Interested potential homebuyers will want to learn about the recent happenings in the location surrounding their new home. For example, school announcements and upcoming events in the community are some examples of local news you may want to highlight. The more informed a potential buyer is about the area, the more comfortable they will feel about purchasing a home there.

Homebuying tips

A great way to boost organic traffic to your website is to post content involving the various stages of the home buying process. Many people will turn to the internet for tips on the buying process, such as how to submit an offer, what to know about home inspections, and which type of mortgage to choose. If you are posting tips, you will want to make sure that your written content is keyword rich so that it will rank high on search engines.

Home upgrades

People are always searching the internet for new ways to upgrade their home. For example, many homeowners like to modify or update their kitchens. Blog posts that discuss possible kitchen upgrades are sure to capture the interest of those interested in renovating their next home.


Sharing a listing is crucial for promoting each new home listing so that it can be shared with as many people as possible. Video tours are an excellent way to advertise homes online. Particularly for sharing listings, your social media platforms are critical to the success of your posted content reaching your target audience.


Customer testimonials help to give buyers the reassurance needed to invest in a product or service. In real estate, both written and customer testimonials are excellent for convincing prospective buyers to hire you as their agent.


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