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Facebook_for_business(1)Unfortunately, social media’s only constant is that it’s always changing. Over the past few years, Facebook has made it harder and harder to drive business value from your business page. Many brokers and agents accurately wonder if it is even worthwhile to have a business page. If you answer no to all of the following questions, you’re probably better off deleting yours.

  1. Have you filled out your basic profile information and photo with a great image?

Your Facebook page is like a website. Even if you do not post often, it is something people will find when they research you online. Make sure when they land on your page it has accurate contact information and a good looking cover photo. It will make you look professional.

  1. Can you post at least one time a week?

Social media’s value comes from its ability to keep your business on the top of your potential customers’ minds. If you are not posting regularly, that value is diminished. Even if you can’t update it every day, try posting at least once per week. Pick one time, like Sunday night or Monday while you are drinking your morning coffee, and think of post idea to post or an interesting article to share. 5 minutes of effort will keep you in front of your clients.

  1. Do you know what content your followers will find relevant?

The quality of your content is just as important as the frequency of your posting activity. Consider what type of content your existing and potential audience most wants to read. If you’re not sure what to post, start with local news, trade-related articles from reputable sources such as RISMedia.com and Realtor.org, or home décor tips from lifestyle blogs such as Apartment Therapy or Decoist.

  1. Are you willing to ask people to “like” your page?

You spend the time set up a page and you now have 7 likes – mostly family. Be confident about who you are and ask clients to like your page. Or you can proactively connect with people you meet by liking their page. This is an easy tactic to grow your network and increase your potential audience. A sizable network is fundamental to driving business value from your social efforts. Don’t forget publicize your social media pages offline – put your Facebook address on your business card, banners, flyers, etc.

If your answer to all of the above is no, then you are probably better off deleting the page. Why not just leave it there? When people Google you, they will find that page and it could actually hurt you. Of course, we recommend you remain active in social media and utilize it to stay current with clients and generate referrals. That said, social media is not for everyone, and if it is not for you, don’t let a good-hearted attempt to try it become an ongoing digital blemish in your namespace.


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