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There are thousands of live real estate websites in the United States today. In such a competitive industry, real estate professionals should rely heavily on search engine optimization (SEO) to help drive real estate leads to their website. The correct usage of SEO should rank your website higher on search engines like Google during relevant searches. Real estate businesses who are not investing their time and money into SEO are missing out on local traffic that could otherwise be business for them. Here are a few ways to improve the search engine optimization of your real estate website. 

Include high-ranking keywords

The inclusion of high-ranking keywords on your website will help appear higher on search results. There are tools available today that will tell you which words people are currently searching for in the areas that you work. Location-specific keywords will help steer serious homebuyers to your website. 

Include backlinks in your content 

Backlinks are an easy way to direct traffic back to your website pages. For example, try including backlinks into your blog posts. It is easy to do, and it is another free way to steer people to your website. 

Write descriptive meta descriptions

Many businesses do not put nearly enough stock into their web pages, meta descriptions. Not only does a website meta description provide web users a quick snapshot of the web page, but it also directly affects how it ranks online. 

Create social media channels

Social media channels should be in every real estate agent’s arsenal. They are excellent platforms for posting marketing content and connecting with potential clients. Social channels can help direct traffic back to your website.