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1. The real estate leads that say they will never buy a house from someone else

2. The real estate leads that say they might buy a house from someone else

3. The real estate leads that say they will buy a house from the agent that shows them the right house

never might will

The real estate lead that says they will buy from someone else is actually the best because we know what to expect. We stay on top of them and they will work with us and buy a house from us because we were vigilant. The might real estate lead is the one we keep our eye on and stay in contact with because we are concerned that they will stray and leave us in hanging in the wind with nothing but a mobile phone bill and some extra mileage on our car.

The worst real estate lead is the never buy from someone else type. The ones that say they will never buy a house from someone else. These are the real estate leads that we call “Clients” because they are ours and we have an understanding with them. These are also the ones that we don’t stay on top of because they have sworn an allegiance to us and we feel assured that we are their agent for life.

phoneWith all their promises of love and loyalty they are the most likely to leave you in the hanging because with all the BS and best of intentions they don’t mean to crush our spirits but its only because they have no any idea that buying a house from us is the only way we get paid. They are like little mischievous elves in a china cabinet. They don’t understand the system that is real estate sales. They will be the ones to call us and tell us with joy in their voice and a smile we can hear over the phone that they just signed a contract on a home and they wanted to share the good news with us. These are the worst phone calls that we can ever receive.

These well-meaning people have several things in common. They work 9 to 5 jobs and have full benefits and good hearts. They have 2 – 3 kids and a dog named after their favorite Disney character. They just don’t connect the dots and therefore don’t understand that real estate agents don’t get paid in the same way they do. These slightly clueless but incredibly nice people don’t intend to ruin your day. They just do.

I believe the only solution is to treat all of our real estate leads as if they were the ones that said they will buy a house from someone else so they don’t.


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