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How does a real estate professional maintain a strong social media presence? Many real estate agents make the mistake of taking the ‘set it and forget it approach’ with their social media accounts. You cannot expect positive results if you are not routinely posting to your social media pages. As an agent, there is a wide variety of content you can share across your social media channels. With this, consider the following examples of real estate content that are ideal for social media.

Client testimonials and client success stories

One of the best ways a real estate agent can promote their real estate business is through their social media presence. Today, many real estate agents use their social media accounts to connect with clients and share their successes. Buyers and sellers today are looking to work with professionals who have a proven track record of success in the industry. This is why many agents post pictures of satisfied clients and agent testimonials on social media as well. 

Milestones or accolades

Another way to promote your real estate success is to highlight your milestones. For example, did you reach any goals with the number of closings you have had this year? In an industry as competitive as real estate, agents should hesitate to show their accomplishments over social media. This is a great way to demonstrate your strong track record to prospective clients in the future. 

Property photos and videos 

Social media thrives on visual content. Users today are more intrigued by pictures and video compared to just text. This is why agents should be posting ample amounts of visual content to their social media because they help generate shares, and encourage people to get in touch with you. Another great feature of social media is that you can pair any photo or video you post on social media with text.