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We as humans want to believe everything we hear to be true. After hearing the same statements about buying a home over and over again, it is easy to accept these rules/guidelines as facts. However, there are many misconceptions about buying a home that many people do not like hearing. With this, here are a few truths about buying a home that people do not want to admit.

Timing the market is irrational.

Nobody has a crystal ball that tells them the future state of the real estate market. Anybody who claims that a buyer should try to time the market is ill-informed. If you are financially prepared to make an offer on a home that fits your needs, that is the right time to buy for you. If you wait for what you believe is the best time to buy based on the state of the real estate market you are setting yourself into a corner. Do not miss on perfect opportunities because the market conditions are not 100% ideal.

Bigger isn’t always not be better.

Most people are drawn to homes with a lot of living and outdoor space. However, buyers today need to realize that a bigger home is not necessarily a better one. Many people do not realize that the value of a home is based largely on the homes nearby. From an investment perspective, buying the largest home on the street may wind up being a poor investment because you may not receive the same return if you were to sell it one day as if you were to buy a smaller home close by.

Keep your emotions out of your decision-making process.

While buying a home can be an emotional process, you are almost always better off making a decision with your head than your heart when it comes to buying a home. When you fall in love with certain aspects of a home you may risk overlooking or neglecting other important aspects. Logic and reasoning should be the basis of any decision when it comes to residential real estate. Do not allow your emotions to set you on the wrong track that will cause you issues in the future.