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Are you searching for your next home?

Before you begin your home search there are some things every homebuyer should be aware of. We have compiled a brief list of tips that homebuyers today need to understand throughout their home search. Consider the following as you search for your dream home this year.

Lean on your real estate agent

In many ways, your real estate agent is your best friend during your home search. A reputable agent should help you navigate the homebuying process by showing homes, communicating with sellers and their agents, and lending their expertise whenever they can. They are an extremely valuable resource during your home search. Do not be afraid to ask them any questions along the way because that is what they are there for. Many buyers are afraid to ask certain questions because they are afraid they will say something foolish. Keep in mind, there is no dumb questions when it comes to buying a home.

Budget for closing costs

Buyers today often forget to account for closing costs when formulating a budget. All too often, buyers realize they do not have the cash available to afford the closing costs on a home. In most cases, buyers usually need to pay between 3 and 4% on the cost of the overall home price.

Check the inspections

In many cases, sellers will invest in a pre-listing inspection, which many buyers appreciate. However, it is important that buyers do their due-diligence and pay for their own inspection. This is important because sometimes home inspectors can overlook things and it is always good to get a second opinion. This is especially true when you are considering spending thousands of dollars on a home.