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Being at the right place at the right time requires that we are first at the right place

As real estate professionals we are always supposed to be there with whatever our real estate leads need. This gets harder all the time as people have become so dependent on technology and they often feel that we should be as connected as they are. But our real estate leads are not in our industry and they don’t realize some of the limitations that we have. For example driving while blogging has never worked out well. We have constant issues with being in two places at the same time. We are terrible at making our car hover over traffic jams. We are hopeless at being in their homes when The Buyers’ Remorse Monster creeps into their heads at 3:00am.

But we can reduce the obstacles of being the perfect real estate agent by using our smart phones more effectively.

iPhone-reminder-for-a-declined-call-300x190One function that all smart phones have that can really be beneficial is the appointment setting and reminder or “Alert” function.

Electronic reminders are not only for physical appointments. By setting telephone appointments on your smart phone with alerts that remind you 15 minutes or a half hour before the appointment, we can cut down on missed or late return calls and increase the chance that the phone will be answered. This seems so simple yet few people do it. This is how we wind up on one phone call too long and forgetting about the second one. We then find ourselves apologizing instead of being the dependable professional that we want to be and maintaining our authority. Homebuyers are often concerned about the purchase and our being dependable is paramount to create the feeling of comfort that is essential for them. We are in a service industry and we have to provide the service before we can earn the business.

Never put off a phone call.

Too often home buyers complain that their real estate agent didn’t call them soon enough. We on the other hand are hesitant about making phone calls that have no quality information. This difference in perspective is what leads many real estate agents to not make the return call until we have valid information to share.

“Your loan is approved”

“Your contract was accepted”

power-outage-marriott-hotel-st-kittsWe wait to hear before we call because we don’t want to call to report that nothing has happened. But this “Nothing to Report” call is a reassuring call that allows the buyer to relax their minds knowing that we are watching out for them and that they have not been forgotten. If our child was in the hospital we wouldn’t want the doctor to wait until he had all the information. We would want a progress report. Something that tells us that everyone is focused on the situation and doing everything that they can to remedy the situation.

There is nothing worse than being left in the dark. Yet most real estate professionals don’t want to make the call when the call is all that is really needed. A resolution call is secondary and good news doesn’t have to be the only call that we make.


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