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Taking notes, setting schedules and appointments for ourselves. Smart phones are putting personal assistants out of work but they have the potential to make the user a great deal more organized.

notesTaking notes is essential to keep a busy mind clear of distraction and get done what needs to be done in the proper sequence. Norman Vincent Peale is the man that comes to mind as the individual that made note taking a daily part of the most the effective people in the world. Anyone that says they will memorize everything or even thinks it to themselves should take note (sorry).

The average person cannot effectively sequence and prioritize all of the responsibilities and obligations even without being a real estate professional with a constant flow of new information and changing priorities based on the days informational input.

When we add the complexities of our daily duties to the average persons’ day there should be no surprise that we need personal assistants and business assistance to be more effective at our jobs and bring balance to our lives.

This balance although difficult can be made more manageable with a regiment of taking and keeping notes.

By writing down the things we need to accomplish and then prioritizing them we can do twice or three times more work within a shorter time period. Stephen Covey, the famous speaker and coach had his own method and many other business people practice their particular version of notes. It important to discover what works for individually.

The balance rests between making notes for long and short term goals as well as keeping the notes we take brief enough to continue the practice without getting mired in the practice that is supposed to make us more effective.

This is where smart phones come in again as a tool that cannot be matched.

How many times have we said in frustration “I can’t find my notes”?

People don’t lose their smart phones as often or as easily as they do a piece of yellow legal paper with random thoughts scribbled across it.

Keeping your notes in your phone is such a simple process and can be a life saver.

Even without using the calendar the note pad itself is a perfect place to make a list of the things you need to do the next day each night and number them so that we are not confused in the heat of the daily battle of being a real estate agent or loan officer.

There are a multitude of methods of prioritizing but the most important thing is to start doing it and when we hold ourselves accountable for this single task, many of the other tasks will fall into place all by themselves.


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