Q A Z Z O O . C O M


At the right time is as much about the client as the professional so we have to stay organized. Not OCD organized just organized to know what to do every day and what doesn’t need to be done.

They say timing is everything. “If the man had not walked out of the house at that exact moment (X) would never have happened. If we want (X) to happen to us we have to improve the potential for timing to work in our favor. What if instead of the walking out of the house, the man was standing in front of the house the entire time?

lightning-plane-us-airwaysThis is what happens when we want timing to be in our favor. We don’t wait for the timing to happen, we want to make it occur when we want it every time we want it. We have the ability to create the lightning and stand there and enjoy the benefits of the strike. This is what happens when we advertise or create some other lead generation process that is consistent and reliable. When we lack the consistency (or we don’t stand in front of the house) we are relying on timing and the luck of the moment. The luck of the moment does work every once in a blue moon but it is hardly a plan.

Qazzoo was designed so that there is no waiting for leads to pop into your email box or standing by your phone in hopes of getting an incoming call. On Qazzoo real estate pro’s are able to search and select the leads that they most want to work with at the time that they want to work with them. It is exactly like the man standing in front of his house all the time and having potential home buyers walk past him and he only has to say “Hi” to the real estate leads that he thinks he can help.

Since timing is essential we need to have it work to our best advantage instead of waiting and hoping for something to fall into our laps.


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