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Because residential real estate is such a competitive industry, agents must be tenacious when it comes to following up with prospects. With this, here are three proven-effective techniques for following up with real estate leads in 2021.

Determine their preferred method of communication

After your first interaction with a lead, be sure to ask which method of communication they prefer. The younger generations tend to prefer text messaging rather than phone calls. Asking this question is beneficial because it shows that you want to provide the best customer service possible by adjusting to their needs. Also, it helps demonstrate to the individual that you are not trying to be assertive when working with them.

Schedule time for follow-ups 

Real estate agents are busy people. Between meetings, showings, and paperwork, it can be challenging for some real estate agents to find time for follow-ups. However, it is extremely beneficial and almost crucial for agents to block out time every day to follow-up with leads. You may want to even consider following a fixed-follow up schedule for every new lead that you receive. One of the biggest reasons why real estate fails to convert leads into clients is because they fail to call the leads they receive enough.

Schedule meetings with potential clients

One of the best ways to stay organized is to schedule face-to-face interactions with a handful or clients on a weekly basis. You may even want to consider making your schedule so your in person meetings are on the same days every week.